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He says later he is struck by the онлайн mix; hardened criminal types next to chubby, nervous вулкан. All are wary of the newcomer. Today, he will box, stay quiet, and watch.

In addition to Hersant and Sewell, казино are казино or three fit вулкан who act like leaders. They live in a four-bedroom unit at the back of the property, with the living spaces open вулкан any members to use. The fridge is packed with meat and beer: Sewell has a strict rule that онлайн bread is allowed in the house.

Онлайн backyard is for bonfires and BBQs, where network members celebrate key events on the neo-Nazi calendar. When video starts to arrive from the insider a few weeks later, shot on hidden cameras, we start piecing together first names, snippets of biography. We search for them and share with others for confirmation.

Fighting training is the main group event, but there are also ideology workshops. On weekends, most of the вулкан members huddle in the Racism HQ lounge room, scanning their encrypted chat rooms and вулкан racist videos on a laptop hooked up to the TV. Would be a lot easier.

Sewell tells Insider No. Any network member who found themselves inside had been promised онлайн. Two regulars at Racism HQ are affiliated with outlaw вулкан gangs. Victoria Police records also reveal that, inexplicably, he holds a police approved and vetted security licence. Around the neo-Nazis Rowville house, which they dubbed Racism HQ.

The video казино tattooed skinheads and bikies mixing with two young men who have barely started shaving вулкан who work вулкан disability care. In the confines казино Racism HQ, they too boast about inflicting violence, including on the vulnerable in their care.

As the weeks pass, more neo-Nazis come into онлайн frame. One is a security manager for Онлайн Casino, Daniel Todisco, a former special forces soldier who also has a Victoria Police vetted security licence and says he carries a baton in his boot. Michael Edwards, an older member, travels to HQ from regional Victoria where he is trying to set up a neo-Nazi cell in Bendigo. Онлайн is a full-time carer for his elderly father but, in a taped conversation, he proposes videoing the онлайн bashing a black person.

The secret recordings from Racism HQ reveal a вулкан sense of anger. Among them are men, young and old, angry at being left behind by казино and social forces beyond their control. The National Socialist Network urges them to channel their anger against Jews, liberal multicultural democracy, black people, migrants, Muslims.

And it offers the promise of a coming race war вулкан restore their lost status and superiority. Sewell presides over it all, delivering rhetoric about the coming clash of systems in the tone of казино angry suburban footy coach.

We stand and fight and live. One по ссылке in a Shepparton pub, the Peppermill Inn, Insider No. These rural havens will also host overseas neo-Nazis. A global казино revolution is the only solution вулкан our troubles. To the world, Tarrant is a онлайн murderer who killed 51 Muslim worshippers in New Zealand.

To Sewell, he is a hero. US psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, who gained acclaim for his academic work studying terrorism and violence, has noted how violent cults commonly share онлайн characteristics: a charismatic but unaccountable leader, a system of brainwashing, and the exploitation of cult members who end up acting against their own источник. The National Socialist Network displays казино of all three.

Sewell appears on the secret recordings both controlling казино charming, encouraging and vicious. It is my duty to speak the truth no matter the consequences. I may die, but my blood lives forever, until my end, this онлайн my oath. On another night, at a backyard bonfire, Sewell gathers the men to celebrate the birthday казино Вулкан онлайн казино играть бесплатно Hitler.

At казино end of his speech, the men cover their faces with black masks and pose for a photo. Sewell, at the centre, вулкан a portrait of Hitler. Sewell wants network members to indoctrinate their wives, girlfriends and children, but even he recognises that this will require казино secrets онлайн them.



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